Greece 2018 !!!
HUM 284: Drama and Math in Ancient Greece

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Kagan-Moore & McAllister

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Course Description

We examine the dramatic arts and mathematics as practiced by the ancient Greeks including ways in which they intersect. The peoples of ancient Greece utilized both disciplines as ways to process and understand their changing world. Ultimately they transformed both drama and mathematics, and created many fundamental elements and practices that continue to influence the modern age. We study the story of ancient Greek developments in drama and math, focusing on the history, the culture, and the detailed questions and techniques that arose in Athens, Epidavros, Delphi, Samos, and Delos and we look at specific innovations and events that gave rise to practices that remain relevant in the exercise of both disciplines today.
Kagan-Moore and McAllister

Patrick loves teaching the dramatic arts and Alex loves teaching mathematics. We're looking forward to having a BLAST teaching you both together in Greece! Here's some more info.

Patrick Kagan-Moore Alex McAllister
Hazelrigg Professor of Dramatic Arts Stodghill Professor of Mathematics
Grant 310 Olin 119
859-238-5429 859-238-5408
Tentative Itinerary

In both CentreTerm 2012 and CentreTerm 2015, we followed this itinerary, and we anticipate essentially the same in CentreTerm 2018. As you might expect almost a year out, some parts of this still need to be nailed down, and they will be well in advance. During our pre-course meetings in Fall 2017, we will provide regular updates about course plans, including details of this itinerary.

January 3 - 8
Travel from Lexington, KY to Athens, Greece. Settle in. Site visits to the Parthenon, the Theater of Dionysus, the Odeon of Herodion Atticus, the New Acropolis Museum, the Ancient Agora, Stoa Attalos, the Pnyx, and the corresponding presentations.
January 9 - 11
Travel to Delphi. Site visits to the archaeological site and museum of Delphi, and the corresponding presentations.
January 12 - 14
Travel to Napflion. Site visits to the Theater of Epidavros and Mycenae, and the corresponding presentations. Return to Athens and catch ferry to Samos.
January 15 - 18
Arrive on ferry to Samos. Site visits to the Tunnel of Eupalinos, Temple of Hera, Miletus in Turkey, and the corresponding presentations. Catch ferry back to Athens.
January 19 - 22
Ferry from Athens to Mykonos. Site visit to Delos and the corresponding presentations. Catch ferry back to Athens.
January 23 - 25
Return to Athens, final site visits and presentations. Return flight from Athens to Lexington.
Money Info

We know that a CentreTerm Study Abroad Course is a significant investment on your part and we make careful, intentional choices in planning the experiences of HUM 284 to ensure a high quality experience at an affordable price. Based on past renditions of this course, we have found a good balance in achieving this goal.

As of November 2016, we have an estimated course fee of $3990. Based on past budgets, we expect that this course fee will cover airfare to/from Greece, all in country transportation by train, bus, and ferry, lodging, two meals per day, admission fees to all sites, tour guide fees, instructor expenses, and the regular CentreTerm study abroad fees.

The payment schedule for this course fee is an initial "hold" deposit of $500 by March 15, a first payment of $830 on March 31, and two more payments of $1330 on September 7 and November 1.