B-GLAD provides education, advocacy, and support for issues of sexual orientation to the Centre College community.



May 2009
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B-GLAD (Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and Allies for Dignity) is Centre College's organization for education, advocacy, and support for sexual orientation issues. B-GLAD works with and for the Centre College community and extends support to local organizations and events.


Here are the current Executive Committee members and the organization's advisors:
          Co-Presidents: Brandyn Fairchild & Amanda Hamilton
          Internal Affairs Officer: Jeff Sorelle
          External Affairs Officer: Erica Horton

          Co-Advisors: Gary Crase and Mykol Hamilton
          Staff Supporter: Randy Hayes


Use the following links to view a copy of the Constitution; each one will take you directly to a specific part:
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For general comments, questions, and concerns:
          E-mail Co-President Brandyn Fairchild
          E-mail Co-President Amanda Hamilton
          E-mail Co-Advisor Gary Crase gary.nospam.crase@centre.edu
          E-mail Co-Advisor Mykol Hamilton mykol@centre.edu

For news, event information or invitations, or public relations:
          E-mail External Affairs Officer Erica Horton

For issues concerning the Constitution, the budget, voting, or other internal issues:
          E-mail Internal Affairs Officer Jeff Sorelle

For non-electronic correspondence, write to the following address:
          Centre College
          600 W Walnut ST
          Danville, KY 40422

For anonymous correspondence from the Centre community, send a letter to B-GLAD via campus mail. If you need a response, please provide a method by which to contact you.


Here are some links to some great resources for bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and their allies!
          American Civil Liberties Union www.aclu.org
          Kentucky Fairness Alliance www.kentuckyfairness.org
          Local (Bluegrass) Chapter of KFA www.bluegrassfairness.org
          Kentucky Legistlature www.lrc.ky.gov

Other sites of interest:
          PlanetOut www.planetout.com
          Gay.com www.gay.com

Sites related to B-GLAD events:
          KevinJennings.com www.kevinjennings.com
          Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) www.glsen.org
          The Eyes of Babylon www.theeyesofbabylon.com


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