Dr. Margaret (Peggy) G. Richey
Biology and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Centre College

Personal Information: I have been teaching at Centre College since 1989. In addition to teaching introductory courses in Biology and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, my special areas of teaching are microbiology, molecular genetics and virology. My Master's and Ph.D degrees are in plant pathology, and my research focuses on the physiological and biochemical interactions between pathogenic fungi and the plants that they attack, and the screening of bacterial enzyme-binding chemicals for antibacterial activity (find out more about this project by clicking here).

Courses that I teach--Click on the course number to go to the course web page. Please note that courses taught after spring 2010 are posted on Moodle (login required) and the course web pages listed below are not kept up-to-date.

BIO 110--The Unity and Diversity of Life
BIO 230--Vertebrate Nutrition

BIO 455--The Biology of Viruses
BIO 340--Microbiology
BIO 500--Biology Senior Seminar
BMB 210--Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
BMB 330--Molecular Genetics
BMB 335--Laboratory in Molecular Genetics
BMB 500--Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Senior Seminar

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Dr. Margaret G. Richey 
Centre College 
600 West Walnut Street 
Danville, KY 40422 

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