Bluegrass Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium


The 2013 Bluegrass Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.  This conference provides undergraduate students of any level the perfect opportunity to present results of their projects and research.  In addition, undergraduate students can listen to topics that are of interest to other undergraduate students in our region.


The conference will take place in the newly renovated Young Hall. Click here for a campus map.


We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Aparna Higgins from University of Dayton will be delivering the invited talk, "Demonic Graphs and Undergraduate Research." 




Abstract for Invited Talk


Working with undergraduates on mathematical research has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my professional life.  This talk will highlight some of the beautiful and interesting research done by my former undergraduate students on line graphs and pebbling on graphs. We will consider line graphs, some pioneering results in pebbling graphs, and pebbling numbers of line graphs. This work has inspired other students to investigate questions in these areas, and it has contributed to my research as well.   







Please send questions to Lesley Wiglesworth.

Funding for the Bluegrass Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium is provided by NSF grant DMS-0846477 through the MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program,

October 4, 2014 at Centre College

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