Career Guidance Resources

The Chemistry Program at Centre maintains a variety of resources for career guidance. We encourage our students to become involved in a serious research effort during their undergraduate years. Opportunities exist for student research on campus both during the academic year and during the summer. Several universities also offer programs for summer undergraduate research.

Occasionally we hear about job opportunities through alumni. Please talk with chemistry faculty members about your job search plans, so we can let you know about those job leads.

Our alumni go on to work in a wide variety of settings.  Besides the typical graduate and professional school experiences leading to jobs in the chemical industry or in medicine, Centre chemistry alumni are also working in the fields of teaching, chemical engineering, art conservation, computer programming, environmental law, intellectual property law, pharmacy, sales, nursing, technical writing, and government service among others.

The Magic File Cabinet

Every year we update our files of brochures from graduate schools in chemistry and chemistry related fields. Also we receive a large number of announcements of summer programs for undergraduate research. This information is kept in the file cabinet on the second floor of Olin Hall.

Survey Publications

We also keep current copies of the following publications:

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (in first floor of Carnegie) has several books which you may find useful, including: