Suggested Course Scheduling for Chemistry Major
Fall Term
Centre Term
Spring Term
Year 1 CHE 131 or CHE 135
MAT 170
HUM 110
Soc. St. or Lang.
MAT 171
HUM 120
BIO 110 or Soc. St. or Lang.
Year 2 CHE 241
PHY 210
(BIO 210)
Gen. Ed. or Lang.
CHE 250 CHE 242
PHY 230
(BMB 210)
Gen. Ed. or Lang.
Year 3 CHE 362
(BMB 210)
  CHE 361
CHE 350
Year 4 CHE 332
CHE 405

1)  If you take the accelerated general chemistry course, CHE 135 (fall term only), early entry into organic chemistry is possible.  In such a case, CHE 241, CHE 242, and CHE 361 may all be moved forward if desired, provided that the prerequisites are satisfied.

2)  CHE 131, 132, 241, and 242 are each offered in both fall and spring terms, so entry into chemistry studies may begin in the spring term of the first year while still allowing completion of the major.

3)  Note that prerequisites will have an impact on course scheduling.  CHE 361 has prerequisites of PHY 110 or 210 plus MAT 171.  CHE 332 and CHE 350 both have CHE 361 as prerequisite.

4)  In order to successfully complete the major and avoid scheduling conflicts, PHY 210 and 230 should normally be completed in the second year, but in no case later than the third year.

5)  BMB 210 is required only if the student seeks American Chemical Society certification or plans to attend medical school.

6)  For pre-med studies, the following additions would be made:  BIO 110 in the 1st year (delay foreign language if needed), BIO 210 and BMB 210 in 2nd year.

7) The student is ultimately responsible for meeting prerequisites and thus scheduling courses at the appropriate times!

Revised spring 2012

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