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Staffing Changes, Fall 2012

Jeff Fieberg has returned from his sabbatical leave during the fall term of 2011, studying the application of x-ray fluorescence spectrometry to art conservation. Kerry Paumi has been advanced from a visiting position to a tenure-track position.  John Medley has moved on, and two new visiting Assistant Professors have joined us.  Dr. Leonard Demoranville is an analytical chemist who received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and B.S. from Eastern Nazarene College.  Dr. Daniel Scott is an analytical chemist who received his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky and B.S. from Georgetown College.  Conrad Shiba begins his phased retirement with a 50% teaching load this year and 33% teaching load the following two years.  A search for a new inorganic chemist will take place this fall.  

Chemists and Study-Abroad Programs

Joe Workman and Conrad Shiba taught the NSC 250 course Physical Science of Volcanoes in New Zealand during the Centre Term in January of 2012, the fifth offering of this extremely popular course.  An article about the course appeared on the Centre web site HERE.  Jeff Fieberg will teach a course on chemistry and art in France during the Centre Term of 2013 and will direct the Strasbourg program in 2013-14.

Chemistry Awards for 2011-12

    First-year Chemistry Achievement Award: Bailey Nelson
    Organic Chemistry Award: Rahul Joseph
    Analytical Chemistry Award: Evan Shirley
    T. Hunton Rogers Memorial Award: Ben Slone
    Inorganic Chemistry Award: Jack Santos
    Preston Carter Chemistry Prize:  George Ward

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    Last updated 08/29/12.  

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