Chemistry Program

Each year two or three chemistry majors are chosen to serve on the chemistry program committee. These students take part in all discussions involving curriculum, equipment, safety, and other such matters of concern to the program.

Student Members of Program Committee (2015-16)

Alex Combs

Current Majors

Class of 2016:  Rebekah Agard, Yoko Bian, Alex Combs, Forrest Goodwin, Daniel Graham, Charlie Grisby, Matt Hall, Carly Jewell, Blake Martin, Tyler Mertens, Luke Presson, Perry Sharma, Huy Tran, Alex Williams

Class of 2017:  Karan Aletty, Ben Brown, Joanna Campbell, Megan Cavagnini, Alex Edwards, Haidar Khan, Rachael Peterson, John Shadowen, Mitchell Slone, Ceci Vollbrecht

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