“Computing is where the action is.”

             -- Barbara Grosz (ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award winner)

The Computer Science Program seeks to provide its students with a solid foundation in the discipline. Such preparation requires that students be able to research and analyze what are frequently very complex problems, and to apply the knowledge they have gained by designing and implementing appropriate solutions.

Because the techniques acquired in the study of computer science can be of benefit in a wide variety of subject areas, the program aims to produce liberally educated students who are able to communicate clearly with those outside the discipline. Finally, the program seeks to provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience in applying what they have learned to real-world situations.

Consistent with the newest recommendations from professional societies, the major in computer science seeks to provide a core curriculum which assures breadth and emphasizes the roles of theory, abstraction, and design. Because computer technology changes rapidly, the major is concerned not so much with the details of current implementations as with the intellectual foundations of computer science. Thus the computer science major is enhanced by its setting in a liberal arts institution which prides itself on providing a foundation for life-long learning and on fostering excellent communication skills.