Innovations Faculty Profiles


The CTL seeks to promote an academic environment in which faculty are encouraged to pursue their own educational growth to advance instructional innovation for their students.


Our featured faculty are enhancing teaching and learning by engaging students in experimental and dynamic learning methods that are challenging them to think critically and creatively.





Steve Asmus


Steve Asmus helps students dive into deeper learning through Inquiry-Based Learning in his Cell Biology course. Inquiry-Based Biology December 2018








Jay Bloom


Jay Bloom pushes students to take risks as they engage in a creative new course entirely devoted to projects surrounding digital and visual learning. Risky Visualization February 2018








Iulia Sprinceana


Iulia Sprinceana encourages students to take risks and explore their creative sides in an alternative twist on her Spanish Junior seminar course. Dramatic Experiences December 2017








Patten Mahler


Patten Mahler helps students create connections between Economics and real life situations through community building and co-education opportunities. Economic Engagement March 2017








Joel Kilty and Alex McAllister


Joel Kilty and Alex McAllister broaden student learning through the creation of supplemental video instruction and step-by-step screencasts in their Mathematics Modeling and Applied Calculus course. Mathematical Redesign November 2016




Jason Neiser


Jason Neiser encourages deep student learning through Just in Time Teaching (JiTT) strategies that engage students in personal exploration and complex discussion. Struggling through Physics February 2016








Kyle Anderson, Brett Werner, Daniel Kirchner, Matthew Klooster


This innovative team of faculty members is bringing new possibilities to team teaching and multi-disciplinary, high-impact practices in their pioneering Asia and Environment lab.  Asia, the Environment, and Beyond  January 2016





Mary Daniels


Mary Daniels creates space for students to engage in academic discourse and practice active listening skills through the use of a discussion protocol aimed at problem solving.  Discussion Protocol: Write to Listen  September 2015








Stephen Dove


Stephen Dove guides his students on a transformative journey by delving into the inner-workings of Wikipedia, illuminating community perspectives and the power of shared learning.  Wikipedia Un-Bound  October 2014








Sara Egge


Sara Egge implements project-based learning to enhance student learning and provide increased opportunities for practicing critical thinking and oral presentation skills.  Synthesizing History  September 2014








Jeff Fieberg


Jeff Fieberg's passion for art history inspires him to combine Chemistry and Art into creative and life altering experiences for his students.  Chemical Artistry  January 2014








Jennifer Muzyka


Jennifer Muzyka creates an engaging classroom experience for her students by implementing Just-in-Time teaching strategies to promote student-led discussions.  Chemical Restructuring December 2013








Aaron Godlaski


Aaron Godlaski teaches Neuroscience in a creative and innovative way. Through meditation and guided visualizations, he guides his students through the complexities of the brain.  Contemplative Pedagogy  December 2013








Marie Nydam


Marie Nydam wants students in her Biology courses to have vibrant, interactive  class sessions. To do this, she had to break away from the traditional lecture  method to promote student engagement.  Lecture-Free Teaching: Is it Genetic? May 2013








Rick Axtell


Rick Axtell empowers his students by submerging them into learning experience  unlike any other.  This transformational class may leave you with more questions  than answers. The Power of Poverty and Homelessness May 2013









Andrea Abrams


Andrea Abrams inspires her students through community-based engagement opportunities, where they observe their education at work. Community-Based Learning May 2013









Matthew Hallock


Matthew Hallock transforms the dramatic arts program through the use of iPads, increasing efficiency and creativity in student productions. Enriching Dramatic Productions with Technology May 2013








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