Final Learning Motivator Senior Seminar
Due 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 10, 1997

For this take-home exam, you are free to use any resources available to you with the exception of professors and classmates. You may ask reference librarians how to look for a category of items (e.g., things on the Internet, newspaper articles), but you may not let them do any of the looking for you. Have fun applying your knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness!
  1. What are three good ways to get a job interview?
  2. A.



  3. What is the CPI for October of 1997?
  4. What is the URL for one good web site that lists general resources for economists?


  5. What problem might spell doom for the greek system, and how might this be avoided?










  7. What lessons can the U.S. learn from the economic history of Britain?










  9. What types of requirements are there for joining the EEC? Why?









  11. In Julie's study, what variable is said to influence the amount of betting on horses? What other factors might apply?









  13. Why won't an increase in the marginal cost of committing murder deter many occurrences? What specifically does Madison say might be a better deterrent?









  15. Relate the decisions of the Ford Motor Co. in its early days (as described in class) with the concept of efficiency wages.







  17. Relate the decisions of the Centre business office (as described in class) with the concept of X-efficiency.









  19. From Becker's 1993 JPE article that we studied:
  20. In the absence of actions taken by parents that affect children's preferences, and using the symbols Becker lays out, what would the utility function of young children who don't plan to ever have offspring be?

    Using the symbols Becker lays out, what would the utility function for young, future parents be?



  21. Explain in words what equation 4 of the Viscusi article that we read means.






  23. . What does Gary Becker say about Social Influences on Price?


  25. What does Harvey Leibenstein say about Bandwagon, Snob, and Veblen Effects? (Just give me one sentence that shows that you found these articles.)





  27. Paul Samuelson disagrees with John Cassidy about mathematical sophistication being a bad thing for economists, but concedes one problem. What is the problem and how would you suggest we address it? Please note the strengths and weaknesses of your suggested remedy.