2010 Houston Marathon

Note to self: In next Ironman, don't wear runner's shorts with a biker's tan.


Ally is born


Austin decides she's a keeper


Austin wears many hats (4 in this collection of pics alone!)


Exploring Mackinac Island


overalls2.JPG (84467 bytes)

Not Quite Ready for Farming


swinging.jpg (130592 bytes)

Austin and Donna swinging on the playground of my former elementary school.


centrepics.jpg (75581 bytes)

Shamlessly promoting Centre across the globe.


office2.JPG (68035 bytes)

Research Team in my Old Office - Can you find eight students?


team962.JPG (105463 bytes)

Can you find my eight bow ties?


family2.JPG (54718 bytes)

Do you see any resemblance?


Who let that guy on there?


DonnAust2.JPG (77156 bytes)

My Donna and Child


tedhaz2.JPG (25533 bytes)

My Grandparents with my Dad


bobliz2.JPG (30730 bytes)

My Parents with my Sister


rondhazl2.JPG (31358 bytes)

My Sister with Me, My Grandmother


FalkAust2.JPG (33443 bytes)

Austin with his Great Grandmother, with Visions of Sugarplums

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