Data Information Sites

FDIC Banking Information by the FDIC

Exchange Rates by X-Rates

PSID (Panel Study of Income Dynamics)  by the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 

CPS (Current Population Survey) by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of the Census

CPI (Consumer Price Index)  general pages by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

CPI - Straight to the seasonally adjusted figures for all urban consumers.  Site by the St. Louis Fed.

CPI Calculator by S. Morgan Friedman

Economic Report of the President by the Executive Office of the President

U.S. Budget Publications by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget

Statistical Abstract of the United States by the Bureau of the Census

Bureau of Labor Statistics by Jo-Ann L. Yu, Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau Economic Statistics  includes latest economic indicators and statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau

Economy at a Glance Monthly Statistics by Michael Levi, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Fair Econometric Model for Macroeconomic Analysis by Yale University

The Dismal Scientist