Career Options

For the Economics Major

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Selected Job Titles Held by Economics Graduates

                                                        Auditor                                             Market Analyst

                                                        Budget Analyst                                  Marketing Administrator

                                                        Credit Analyst                                   Pricing Analyst

                                                        Economic Analyst                              Product Manager

Environmental Planner                      Purchasing Analyst

Financial Analyst                              Real Estate Appraiser

Import/Export Agent                        Reporter

Insurance Agent                               Research Analyst

Loan Officer                                   Sales Analyst

Loan Review Analyst                        Stock Broker

Lobbyist                                         Statistician

Management Consultant                    Underwriter


Careers in government. Federal, state and local government agencies offer extensive employment opportunities. At the federal level, the departments of the Treasury, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, and State are the largest employers. The types of jobs in government agencies range across the fields of agriculture, business, finance, international trade, transportation, urban economics, and utilities. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment for economists is expected to increase as fast as the average through 2005. Opportunities should be best in manufacturing, financial services, advertising agencies, research organizations, and consulting firms. The continued need for economic analysis by lawyers, accountants, engineers, health services administrators, urban planners, and others will increase the number of jobs for economists.  

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