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Follow in the footsteps of one of the great success stories from the Economics files!Who do YOU want to be like?

Dick Armey: US Congressman (University of Oklahoma)

Steve Balmer: Executive VP, Microsoft (Harvard)

William F. Buckley: Journalist (Yale)

Jim Bunning: US Congressman/Hall of Fame Baseballer (Xavier)

George Bush: Former US President (Yale)

Sandra Day-O'Connor: US Supreme Court Justice (Stanford)

John Elway: NFL quarterback (Stanford)

Phil Gramm: US Senator (University of Georgia)

William Isaac: Former Chairman of FDIC (??)

Mick Jagger: Rollings Stones (London School of Economics)

Alex Keaton: TV sitcom character (??)

Bernie Kosar: NFL quarterback (University of Miami)

Mike Mussina: MLB Pitcher (Stanford)

Merlin Olson: Actor/Former NFL player (??)

Ronald Reagan: Former US President (Eureka College)

Roy Romer: Governor of Colorado (Colorado State; Ag Econ)

Lionel Ritchie: Singer/Songwriter (??)

George Schultz: Former US Secretary of State (??)

Arnold Schwartzenegger: Actor/Producer (University of Wisconsin)

Richard Trumka: President of United Mine Workers (Penn State)

Ted Turner: CNN, Atlanta Braves/Hawks (Brown)

 Mario Van Peebles: Actor/Director (Columbia)

Lenny Wilkens: NBA Coach/Hall of Famer (??)

Young M.C.: Singer (??)