Useful Questions and Practice Exams

For those who like to keep on their toes throughout the year - or right before that big economics exam!

These are all exams and problems created by Dr. Katie Bicknell at Lincoln University.   As in real life, answers are not provided for these questions, so work the problems out with a classmate, discuss your answers in groups, and ask your teacher to clarify any questions you may have. Good luck!

Inflation and Production Possibilities

Inflation and Wages

Elasticity, Supply and Demand

Elasticity, Price and Monopolies

Elasticity, Price and Aggregate Expenditure

Aggregate Expenditure and Investment

Expenditure and GDP

Profit and Average and Marginal Costs

Profit and Cost

Money and Banking

Utility and Consumer Theory

Macroeconomic Problems

Production and Output

Production and Cost

Taxes and Duties

Practice Exams