How to Do an On-Campus Environmental Audit


Basic Steps for Conducting an Audit

  1. Ask purpose and establish goals (See introduction below)

  2. Designate teams and scope of assessment

  3. Find background and regulatory information (Find help in the introduction below)

  4. Decide what areas need to be assessed and what activities need to be completed.  Organize a schedule of tentative dates when these activities should be completed.

  5. Develop assessment questions or use the ones provided by Campus Ecology in the power point presentations below, and find the answers via research sources which are also provided below.

  6. Perform the necessary tasks to get the answers your questions require

  7. Organize and interpret what your findings mean to your campus

  8. Find root of problems and think of solutions

  9. Write an objective report to present problems and solutions to administration (also see "How to Make a Quality Audit Report" below)

  10. Take action; with support you can begin making changes for the betterment of your campus (see "Making Changes" below) 

  11. Keep track of progress and cost savings from your solutions to ecological problems


PowerPoint Viewing Instructions

The following lists contain PowerPoint presentations created by Stephanie Ann Holbrook based on the materials by April A. Smith.  If you would like to view these you can choose to open them (which is the easiest way) or download them (you may choose this option if you would like to show these to a group of people on an overhead for example).  To download, simply choose "save it to disk" and save it where you like; you can open it from there.  If you do not have power point on your computer you can go to  and download a PowerPoint Viewer for free; download instructions are on the Microsoft web site.


Wastes and Hazards

Hazardous Substances

Solid Waste

Radioactive Waste

Medical Waste

Wastewater and Storm Runoff

Pest Control

Air Quality

Workplace Environment


            Resources and Infrastructure




 Procurement Policies


Campus Design and Growth


The Business of Education

  Research Activities

Investment Policies

 Business Ties

 Environmental Education and Literacy

 Job Placement and Environmental Careers


Making Change

Ways to Conserve Energy

Helpful Suggestions for Auditing and How to make a Quality Audit Report

Environmentally Sensitive Campuses


Renovation of Breckenridge Hall