Online vendors including,, and offer specialized books on every aspect of the environment and economics.  Information on a few selected textbooks appear below. 

Textbook Information

Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management 
by David Anderson

ISBN: 0-9709057-0-X   2006
Pensive Press, LLC
424 Pages

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Economics and the Environment (Second Edition)  
by Eban Goodstein

ISBN: 0-471-47054-6
Hardcover, John Wiley and Sons
560 pages, February 2004

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Ecological Economics, Principles and Applications

By Herman Daly , Joshua Farley

Island Press, (November, 2003)

ISBN: 01-55963-312-3

Environmental Economics: An Introduction
By Barry and Marsha Field

McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 3rd edition (August 3, 2001)

ISBN: 0072429216 (paperback)


Environmental and Resource Economics: 6th Edition
By: Tom Tietenberg
Addison-Wesley Inc. 2002
ISBN: 020177027X 
Preface (5th edition)
Table of Contents (5th edition)