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Click here for arguments supporting environmental awareness

Click here for arguments defending many corporations

   LSU Libraries

This  page  is  a  list of  government  agencies.   Checking  out the EPA and

the cabinets  involved with  the  environment  can  lead  you  to up to  date

articles  concerning  the  environmental  values that  the  government must

adhere to daily.  

   Environmental Ethics by: Columbine

This site has tons of helpful information.  It claims to be a "brief history of environmental ethics origin."  There are many links to other sites throughout the text.  This page holds a wealth of information.

   Ethics Updates by: ACUSD

Here is a wonderful learning tool full of links to environmental groups, legal resources, online articles and access to various discussion groups involving environmental ethics.

   Learnwell: Griggs University

Clicking on this link will bring you to a page from Griggs University which could earn you 3 college credit hours in an environmental ethics course.  It contains short course learning modules and provides an extensive amount of information to all browsers.

   Environmental Working Group

EWG has a site including various environmental topics: pesticides, drinking water, air pollution, and enforcement.  Look here for numerous facts and arguments of popular controversial issues.