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to more learning sites ...

 Forestry Sites

ForestryDegree.net provides links to the "top 100" forestry resources

 Global Climate Change Info and Links from AC South East

This site offers an overview of climate change issues and a variety of links.

 Global Climate Change Information for Kids!

This site provides links to information on climate change, energy, waste reduction, and recycling.

   National Wildlife Federation

This site includes information on endangered species, water quality, and habitats.  There are numerous multimedia applications along with internal links with great ideas on how to take action.

  Operation RubyThroat

This site is dedicated to the study and preservation of the ruby-throated hummingbird. This site is the the most comprehensive site available about hummingbird history, banding, and research.

   Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History

This organization is dedicated to the preservation of plants, animals, and habitats in the Piedmont region of the eastern United States.  Here there is useful information on conservation as well as on research on bird banding.

   Davidson College

A site put together by Davidson College with many informative and useful links. Well organized and easy to navigate.

   EE Link

A site filled with links to databases, projects, resources, and information on grants and jobs. 

   Global Development and Environment Institute

Here is a site where you can get learning and teaching modules among other helpful resources, including publications, newsletters, activities, papers, and more informative links.

   Ecological Society of America

This site contains journals, papers, information on teachers and student programs.  Links are provided. The site describes ESA science programs, recent news on public affairs issues, and ways to get involved.