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Click below to find sites about Environmental/Economic strategies


  Friends for the Earth Programs

Here is a site containing a list of campaigns and information

on each for the Friends of the Earth’s Economics for the Earth


   Friends for the Earth Green Scissors Program

Click here to find an article about the Friends of the Earth’s Green Scissors ’99 program.

   Major Environmental Laws-EPA

This page contains a list of each environmental law and a brief description of its intent.

   EPA Site Concerning Counties' Well-being

Here you can get statistics for every county in the United States regarding their air quality, drinking water quality, amount of hazardous waste and its treatment. Also included are research analyses concerning cost benefits of pollution control.

   Environmental Research: Resources for the Future

This site contains project summaries for natural resources and environmental issues.  Also contains section from economic perspective, cost benefits, risk, etc.

   Environmental Economics and Indicators: by World Bank Group

An informative site containing sections on environmental indicators, valuation, and policy.  Also included on this site is a Green Accounting category.