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Click below for information about nature's strongest power source


  Historical Advance of Wind Technology: by Planet Energy

Click here to find useful info on the technological advance of wind usage:

including pictures, diagrams and a map of wind farms in England where they

are growing rapidly.

   How and Why Wind Blows-Wintec Industries

Check this out to find some historical background on wind use, and how &

why wind blows.  This site also presents tour information and information

about Wintecís energy saving, waste reducing,  and pollution free industrial practices.

   History of Wind Power Development

This site provides an illustrated history of wind power both within the United States and abroad and explains some of the most recent developments in wind technology as well as the future.

   Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program: by Department of Energy

This site contains in depth information from the Department of Energy which includes an abstract of different turbines used and info on new technological developments.  The site also offers many interesting photos, a list of facts concerning wind power, publications made available from the National Wind Technology Center and the American Wind Energy Association, resource maps, and wind related inventions and innovations.

   Articles, Newsletters, Online Publication Catalog, Membership Directory to AWEA

Visit this site for articles about the growing interest in wind power, legislative efforts, and updates.  It provides access to Wind Energy Weekly, the AWEA newsletter, and contains the AWEA bookstore, online publication catalog, and membership directory for turbine and equipment manufacturers, wind power developers and consultants.