PHY110 Introduction to Physics

INSTRUCTOR: Phil Lockett

OFFICE: Olin 13



OFFICE HOURS: 1 - 3 pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

I am usually in my office when not in Class or Lab so feel free to stop by any time!
I teach MWF at 9:10 am and 11:30 am and LAB at 8 am and 11:40 pm Thur.

TEXT: Physics 7th edition - Giancoli

HOMEWORK: Homework is extremely important! Start working the problems as soon as
they are assigned and keep them in an orderly fashion so you can show me your work.

You cannot expect to do well on the exams unless you have done the homework !!!

EXAMS: There will be three 1 hour exams and a 3 hour final exam.

ATTENDANCE: Come to class! Material will be covered in class that may NOT be in the text.
If you know you will be missing an Exam due to an excusable absence, please let me know ASAP
and provide a written excuse. (see pp. 22 - 24 Student Handbook)

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: All cases of academic dishonesty, no matter how minor,
must be reported to the associate dean. (see pp. 24 - 26 Student Handbook)

GRADING: Final grade is determined according to:

SCHEDULE (Exam Dates are Tentative)