Centre College Mathematics Program

Career Links

For general information, you may want to check out these links which provide some answers to the questions: "What can you do with a math major?" and "What do mathematicians do?"

  1. Be an Actuary

  2. Careers in Applied Mathematics

  3. Career Profiles from MAA Mathematics Careers Bulletin Board

  4. Mathematics Job Opportunities

  5. Why Major in Mathematics?

  6. Entry-level jobs for math majors



While you're studying at Centre College, you may interested in participating in an internship. Career Services has a physical list of various opportunities that are available. You can also explore the following possibilities on-line:

  1. AMS - Internship & Co-op Opportunities for Undergraduates
  2. ASA - Internship Opportunities in Statistics
  3. FBI - Employment Opportunities
  4. NSF - Research Experiences for Undergraduates
  5. Tech Interns - Undergraduate Science & Engineering Internships



A couple of organizations have asked us to link to their homepages:

  1. D.W. Simpson Actuary Jobs is looking for math students who are interested in an actuarial career.
  2. Southern Teachers Agency is accepting applications for middle and high school math and computer science teachers.



You can find on-line job search resources at the following:

  1. Actuary Jobs

  2. BeAnActuary.org
  3. Careers in Business
  4. Career Exploration at Find-How
  5. Jobs in the Money
  6. Math-Jobs.com
  7. USA Jobs



If you're interested in graduate school you might find these interesting:

  1. How to Choose a Graduate School
  2. Webpages for U.S. Math Depts
  3. What to ask about graduate school



Another great place to learn about mathematicians and what kinds of things we do are the homepages of the various professional mathematics organizations; these include:

  1. American Mathematical Society

  2. American Statistical Association

  3. Association of Symbolic Logic

  4. Mathematical Association of America

  5. Society of Actuaries

  6. Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics



Finally, we should mention the resources that Centre College's Career Services has available for math majors; they're really quite good and can be found at: Career Services