Centre College Mathematics Program

The Mathematics Major at Centre College

Below you will find a list of our current mathematics majors. They are a friendly lot and would be happy to talk with you about their thoughts and experiences while being a mathematics major at Centre College.

Class of 2017

Shelby Adams
Hannah Banks
Ian Black (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Ben Bostick (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Trevor Brewer
Sarah Fall (double w/ Art History)
Kirsten Giesbrecht
Kyle Hawkins (double w/ Physics)
Tanner Hoogerheide
Rachel Jarrold-Grapes (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Adrienne Kinney (double w/ Art History)
Yifan Li
Sam Lane (double w/ Computer Science)
Shuqi Liu
Yixin Liu
Duncan Mercer (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Abby Quirk-Royal (double w/ English)
Bryce Rowland
Ye Sheng (double w/ Computer Science)
Tyler Voth


Class of 2018

Samantha Aguiar
Zijun Deng(double w/ Anthropology/Sociology)
Leyu Fei(double w/Computer Science)
Benjamin Finch(double w/ Spanish)
Kirby Fitzpatrick
Mac Hart
Sarah Hayhurst
Cate Heine(double w/ Environmental Studies)
Will Hellman(double w/ Physics)
Qing Hou(double w/ Art Studio)
Minyi Hu(double w/ Computer Science)
Eli Kirk(double w/ Spanish)
Yunhan Lai(double w/ Economics and Finance)
Austin Lotspeich (double w/ Computer Science)
Josh Markwell (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Alison Miller
Cara Mulligan
Hong Ni (double w/ Physics)
Yiqin Ren (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Lauren Richards
Nathan Riggs
Annalise Tereck
Aarthi Vadhanam
Noah Wesley-Chevalier (double w/ Economics and Finance)
Emma Whisman
Emily Winkler
Hexiang Zhou (double with Economics and Finance)