Centre College Mathematics Program

Mathematics Majors and Minors at Centre College

Centre's math majors are among the best and brightest students at Centre and in the nation. Recent majors have been awarded Rhodes Scholarships and Fulbright Scholarships for international study. We have majors that have gone on to graduate work in mathematics, mathematical biology, business administration, chemistry, computer science, engineering, materials science, medicine, and physics. The majority of our majors have established rewarding and satisfying careers in fields ranging from finance to teaching, from computer programming to law, from medicine to architecture, from actuarial sciences to government.

Our mathematics minors have majors in a variety of different disciplines. Recently, students have completed a minor in mathematics while majoring in such fields as biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, english, french, history, music, physics, psychobiology, and spanish. There is a great deal of flexibility in the scheduling of a math minor and it is compatible with every major program of study at Centre.