Centre College Mathematics Program

The Mathematics Minor at Centre College

The core of the mathematics minor is a firm foundation in calculus and linear algebra. Students can also choose to take an introductory computer science course and then two additional courses from the advanced topics covered in our upper-level courses.

Our mathematics minors have majors in a variety of different disciplines. Recently, students have completed a minor in mathematics while majoring in such fields as biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, english, french, history, music, physics, psychobiology, and spanish. There is a great deal of flexibility in the scheduling of a math minor and it is compatible with every major program of study at Centre.

Requirements for a Mathematics Minor

-Calculus I (MAT 170), or equivalent
-Calculus II (MAT 171), or equivalent
-Either Calculus III (MAT 230), Linear Algebra (MAT 240) or Foundations of Mathematics (MAT 300)
-Three additional MAT courses numbered 301 or higher.