Centre College Mathematics Program

Course Scheduling

On this webpage you will find information about the scheduling of mathematics courses. For detailed course descriptions and statements of prerequisites please see the Centre College Catalog. These schedules are subject to periodic change.

MAT 110 : Mathematics in Our Society Every fall
MAT 130 : Introduction to Statistics Every fall & spring
MAT 145: Mathematical Modeling and Applied Calculus Every fall
MAT 170 : Calculus I Every fall
MAT 171 : Calculus II Every fall & spring
MAT 200 : Discrete Mathematics Every spring
MAT 205: Statistical Modeling Every spring
MAT 230 : Calculus III Every fall and spring
MAT 240 : Linear Algebra Every fall
MAT 250's : CentreTerm Special Topics Most CentreTerms
MAT 300 : Foundations of Mathematics Every spring
MAT 310 : Probability Theory Every other fall (Fa15, Fa17)
MAT 311 : Mathematical Statistics Every other Spring (Sp16, Sp18)
MAT 330 : Abstract Algebra I Every fall
MAT 331 : Abstract Algebra II Every other spring (Sp15, Sp17)
MAT 340 : Complex Variables Every other fall (Fa16, Fa18)
MAT 360 : Differential Equations Every spring
MAT 380 : Intro to Real Analysis Every spring
MAT 400 : Independent Study By request
MAT 400's : Special Topics Every spring
MAT 420 : Putnam Seminar Every fall