Centre College Mathematics Program

Student Prizes

The Mathematics Program awards two annual prizes to students. The Mathematics Program Prize, established by Professor Neil and Virginia Eklund, awarded to the most promising sophomore who has declared a mathematics major. The Sallie Warfield Memorial Prize, established by Mr. William Ponton Way in memory of his wife, awarded to the student with the highest standing in mathematics. Below the names of past winners.

The Mathematics Program Prize

Shuqi Li, 2015
Matthew Lander Nisbet, 2014
Yudong Cao, 2013
Stephen Arthur Metcalf, 2012
Katherine Elizabeth Smalley, 2011
Alexander McLeod Jenkins-Neary, 2010
Lauren Elyse Gate, 2009
Morgan Jaye Smith, 2008
Qianyu Yang, 2007
Josh Qualls, 2006
Joseph Crider Yeager, 2005
Steven Scott, 2004


The Sallie Warfield Memorial Prize

Courtney Michelle McKernan, 2015
Mengyu Wang, 2014
Cara Patricia Monical, 2013
Ruohan Liu, 2012
Lauren Elyse Gates, 2011
John Thomas Midden and Morgan Jaye Smith, 2010
My Vu Thuy Vo, 2009
Kelly Ann Bickel, 2008
Joseph Crider Yeager, 2007
Jeff Briggs, 2006
Steven Charles Scott, 2005
Natalie Lents, 2004


Other Awards

Chang He (2016), Outstanding Presentation at the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Seattle, Washington