The Study of Music at Centre

Performing Arts Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded to students who show outstanding promise in music and dramatic arts, regardless of intended major.

Applicants should submit a completed online application, have a current instructor send 1 recommendation letter, and call to schedule an audition with the Performing Arts Coordinator. For detailed scholarship application information, please refer to the online application. The information below is an overview only. Auditions (on site or recorded) are also part of the application process (see below).

               The two 2014 audition dates are February 15 and 22.

Winners are eligible to receive an award renewable annually upon the recommendation of faculty and the students' maintaining a 2.0 average overall. Music scholarships are renewable annually. Winners must be enrolled in a music class or applied lessons and appropriate ensemble each term the award is held and must earn a grade of at least C in a graded music class. Scholarship students must take one music class in the first two years at Centre.

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               Auditioners should come to the Norton Center for the Arts
               and follow the signs to their audition location.
               Warm-up rooms are available.

We will be here regardless of the weather. If the weather prevents your visit, please call (859) 238-5424 and leave a message. It may be possible to reschedule. If not, you may submit a recording for consideration.


Music Scholarship Auditions

Each applicant is required to audition. We encourage students to audition at Centre on our two scheduled audition days, but if that isn't possible, it is completely acceptable to submit an audio and/or video recording of an audition performance.

Schedule your audition preference online when submitting your application.

Audition Requirements

Vocal: Three songs in contrasting styles performed from memory. One may be from musical theater; the others may be from the art song, folk song, or aria repertoire. Two different languages are preferred but all may be in English.


Instrumental and Keyboard: Two pieces in contrasting styles from different musical periods. Maximum total time is 12 minutes.


Composition: Scores and/or recordings (preferably both) of two representative original pieces, preferably for different instruments, voice, or instrumental/vocal combinations.


It is completely acceptable to perform without an accompanist. If you wish the college to provide an accompanist for your audition, you must send copies of your audition music along with the request for an accompanist at least two weeks prior to the audition. Write in metronome speeds. An applicant may also bring their own accompanist.


Recorded auditions: While on-site auditions are strongly encouraged, if you live more than a five-hour drive from campus or have unavoidable conflicts with both February dates, you may send a recorded audition. Recorded auditions should follow the same specifications as on-site auditions and may be sent via postal mail on a CD or DVD, or uploaded to dropbox and shared with


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For further information on Music and Drama scholarships, contact Sallie Bright at (859) 238-5424 or


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