CHE 135 Laboratory Schedule Fall 2006

Students must complete the laboratory safety training before the second lab meeting.

Meeting Date Exercise (PDF file format) Exercise (HTML format)
1 Sept. 5 Formula of a Hydrate Formula of a Hydrate
The Lab Notebook
Measurements and Error
Significant Figures
Lab Safety
2 Sept 12 Sequence of Reactions Sequence of Reactions
3 Sept 19 Determination of Molecular Wt Determination of Molecular Wt by Dumas Method
4 Sept 26 Emission Spectroscopy Emission Spectroscopy
5 Oct 3 Molecular Modeling (MS Word, revised 10/2/06)
6 Oct 10   Separation of a Mixture
7 Oct 17 Colligative Properties Colligative Properties
8 Oct. 24 Determination of a Rate Law Determination of a Rate Law
9 Oct. 31 Equilibrium Constant Equilibrium Constant
Formal Laboratory Report
10 Nov 7 Determination of pKa of a Weak Acid Determination of pKa of a Weak Acid
11 Nov. 14 Student Project Presentations  
13 Nov. 28 Electrolysis (MS Word format)