STP 15: Chemistry and Crime

Writing Assignment 3

January 24, 2000

This writing assignment will be done outside class, and is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, January 27. Read about the Jaroslawicz murder (Baden pp 95-103) and consider the conflict between a victim whose religious or philosophical beliefs prohibit autopsy and the need of the state to pursue justice in the case. Write a 2-3 page essay supporting the position of the victimís family or the state. Your essay need not address the current state of the law in Kentucky (that would be difficult without appropriate references), but should address what the law should be in such a case.

Creativity is acceptable and encouraged. You may take the role of a family member, an attorney, a judge, a legistlator, a lobbyist, or any other role relevant to the case. You are free to use additional sources as references for your essay. You should not summarize the reading, but should address the topic. Remember to use good grammar, with proper credit given for all sources used (including your textbook). You may need to consult The Bedford Handbook for Writers about appropriate documentation formats.