CHE 235: Medicinal Chemistry

Spring 2006 Syllabus
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
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Articles for Presentations

  1. Taylor Vaughan, Diabetes
  2. Ben Klausing, Characteristics of Oral Drugs
  5. Arion Smalley, Caspase Inhibitors
  6. Ryan Reynolds, Benzodiazepines for RSV>
  7. Danielle Patterson, Dopamine Transporter Sites
  8. Ben Angel, Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors for Alzheimer's
  10. Coy Zerhusen, Cancer
  11. Jason Roedig, Artemisinin as Malaria Treatment
  12. Tammy Lundblad, Lactosylated Steroid as Cancer Treatment
  13. Kyle Rakes, Codrugs for Parkinson's
  14. Adam Patterson, SAR with Orexin
  15. Carter Florence, Vigabatrin Analogs
  16. Drew Randolph, Veterinary Medicine
  18. Joshua Abbott, Aldosterone Synthase Inhibitors for Congestive Heart Failure
  19. Jacqueline Minasso, HIV Reverse Transcriptase
  20. Jeff Bachey, Rationally Designed Nucleoside Antibiotics
  21. Meg Wilson, Estrogen Receptors
  22. Kanan Patel, Central Nervous System Drugs
  23. John Penn, Tolyl Tropane Derivatives
  24. Rob Winter, 2-Oxopiperazines

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