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Posted in 2000:

Eric Gray writes, "I spent the next two years in Vienna, Austria on a Fulbright Scholarship teaching English as a foreign language in the Austrian high schools. Then I was back in Texas and landed a job at Sacred Heart High School in Muenster, teaching Math, German, and Religion (because everybody knows that if you graduate from UD you are qualified to teach religion...) I did that for five and a half years. In the last three years of that, I went back to UD to get my Masters of Theological Studies from their new department, IRPS (Institute for Religious and Pastoral Studies), graduating in May of 1992. In January of 1993, I took off for Australia to serve on the National Evangelization Teams (NET), doing retreats for high schoolers and junior highers all over Australia and the North Island of New Zealand. I did that for two years. On December 15, 1994, I was hired back in Muenster as the youth minister for Sacred Heart Parish. I did that until last summer. July 1, 1999, I was hired by the Diocese of Fort Worth to be the "Campus Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry" which means I'm a campus minister serving the University of North Texas, Texas Women's University, and the University of Texas at Arlington. Meanwhile, three years ago (almost to the day) two other youth ministers and myself formed a little group called "Two Dogs and a Hog" which does rallies and concerts and retreats for young adults, campus ministry, high schoolers, junior highers, and whoever else has wanted us. We just finished cutting our first CD, all of original music. We have served the dioceses of Tyler, Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Within a month, we'll add Austin to the list. In January, we'll add the Diocese of Green Bay (yes, as in Wisconsin), and this November, all of Region X (All the dioceses of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas). Aside from that, not a whole lot has gone on. I've slept a little now and again, but only when I wasn't doing anything else."

Bill Cernosek reports that on 4/14/2000 they added a little girl to their family. Her name is Alexandria Marie Cernosek. Bill says, "I am not getting any sleep!!" Carol was PTA president and Bill is starting a 3 year term on the St. Mark School Board in August. "That's with our free time!!" Will is playing baseball now but he also plays soccer and basketball in season. Austin turned three in Jan. and already people were asking him to play soccer because he is as big or bigger than the 4 yr. olds. "WE declined!! I will have plenty of time to have both of them involved in sports."

Dennis Fisher is living just south of Baltimore, MD and working as a Program Manager for CIENA Corporation, a manufacturer of optical telecom equipment.

From Mary LeMire West, "We are now a family of 4 since the birth of Cory Alexander on May 21st. Our family has been happily living in the San Francisco area for 4 yrs and I'll be finishing my postdoctoral study in biochemistry in Sept. My hope is that after some R&R with Cory and Lauren (age 4), I'll find an exciting research position at a biotech company in the area that won't compromise being a great Mom. Wish me luck! Best wishes to everyone and sorry to miss the reunion!"

Larry McGauley writes, " I have been working as a computer geek at a company called Consolidated Electrical Distributors for the last 4 years. I actually fly around the country to our 500 stores and teach little old ladies, warehousemen, and crusty old store managers how to use our computer system. This means I get to spend a few weeks in glamorous resort locations like Midland, Texas, and Mason City, Iowa, among others. Meanwhile, my stuff sits in Los Angeles, CA, while I live in Holiday Inns. Occasionally, I find time to party like a rock star and visit a few UD alum. In general, I manage to have a festive time wherever I go (even in Midland)! Also, since I am a frequent flyer mileage whore, I have enjoyed a few little jaunts on the side. "

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