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Posted September 2001:

From Rosemary Suprenant: I have officially taken the plunge-----no, not the marital one ---and purchased a home located in Grapevine Texas. Much to the chagrin of my family in New York, I've finally decided to put down 'permanent' roots here after 20 years. And to add to the irony- I've been assigned to work on a 2nd system conversion for CitiFinancial (who took over Associates last September), so from January to July 2002, I'll be spending most of my time in Hanover, MD - just outside Baltimore. So much for enjoying my new home---I can't wait to spend every other weekend visiting family and friends on the East coast and visiting home!

From Jennifer (Wall) Hurst:I lead a wild and exciting life now. I an a stay at home mom to 3 kids - Chelsea, age 11, Elizabeth, age 5 and Joseph 16 months. Did I ever think I would be a SAHM? No but I do enjoy the freedom it allows me and my family. My husband works for a large firm as a computer geek in the banking industry. He travels constantly and is currently living in Calgary. July saw the kids and I spending 2 weeks in Canada with him at the company's expense. John works from home and this allowed us to move this past June from Texas to a small town in Indiana. The kids and I are settling into school routines. We are hoping to spend a few weeks in New England this Fall when John comes home from Canada. Everyday is a new and exciting challenge for me. I never know what will come next.

From Andrew Quinn: Please be advised that after September 4, 2001, I will no longer be working at Gateway. I have accepted a Senior Counsel position with Sony Electronics here in San Diego

From Rob Reeb: Our firm has eight lawyers, and we concentrate in litigation related to the maritime and transportation industries. I also do some litigation in the area of information technology. I do enjoy it most of the time, but I still see teaching in my future at some point. On the homefront, MacKenzie (9) and Caroline (4) sure keep me busy, but they are wonderful kids.

Posted June 2001:

From Pam Cefaratti:I left art conservation after just a few years and got into quality control. I jumped from lab management into consulting and was a jet setter, big time cash generator in the automotive industry for five years, then went into early retirement and studied yoga and Ayurvedic medicine in Albuquerque from '96 until last year. I had a business as an herbalist and massage therapist until I entered MEDICAL SCHOOL last fall. I've completed my first year at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and am enjoying the summer off from school to be a full time mom to my two year old daughter.

Posted May 2001:

From Novo (aka Mike Novinski): Hmm, where to start? After Peace Corps in New Guinea, I taught at Irving High for a year.(1995-96) Lisa got a job in Florida so we moved there and I got a job at Gulf Breeze Middle School. Two years ago we moved to Starkville, MS so that Lisa could work on her Ph.D. Now she has a job at Camp Shelby, near Hattiesburg. I spent the last two years teaching, get this, prospective elementary teachers how to teach social studies at Miss State. Now I gotta get a job down around Hattiesburg. Saw a lot of you at the reunion, which was fun. Going to the next one for the free beer, some things never change.

From Monica (Flynn) Estrada: I spend my days homeschooling our two oldest children (Mary, age 9 and Elizabeth, age 7) and chasing after the two boys (Thomas age 3 and Isaac age 1) and while potty training is not as exciting as some of the activities of my classmates, I do enjoy being home with my children. We live in Roanoke, Indiana, my husband Ed being an engineer for ITT Industries working on satelites. I hope the reunion is a success - sorry I won't be there this year!

From Mary Ann Buddenberg Miller: I finally finished my Ph.D. in May 2000 and have been a full-time instructor at Auburn this year. But I did miraculously land a tenure-track asst prof position at a small, Dominican college in northern NJ, so we will be moving up there this summer. My husband used to live/teach in the area, so we are very pleased to be moving where he has his job contacts.

From Shelly (Heinbecker) Ironside: I am living in the Boston area taking care of my three kids, ages 10, 9 and 6, and doing a little Italian teaching on the side. We will all be going to Italy this summer for a month to the island of Elba. My kids do not speak italian, so it will be a real family adventure for us. I am hoping to meet up with Jean Boos in Assisi.

Bill and Robin Schofield are pleased to annouce the birth of their son Griffin. You can check out his exploits at Both Mom and Dad are doing well but now Mom has 2 children to raise. The Schofield live in Denton Texas and welcome comments from fellow UDers.

From Bill Butterfield, "I'm still President of Butterfield Consulting Group in Bethesda, MD and serve on the Advisory Boards of three small communications and IT companies. We're glad to have another Bush Administration in town, but I won't be returning to the White House anytime soon. Our eldest girl, Shannon, is now eight, and our twin girls -- Jessica and Morgan -- recently turned four. A busy, loud household. Not much else to report."

From Susan Metzger Gracia, "I completed my PhD in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation at Boston College in November 2000."

From David Erinakes, "I was Promoted last month to National Sales Director for Cyberonics. Cyberonics is a public company that makes implanted devices for epilepsy and really helps people with out of control seizures and poor Quality of Life. Elaine and our two children live in Houston. I am always looking for good sales people, and clinical specialists if anyone is ever interested."

From Scott Barker, "I just passed my exam for the PhD in Political Philosophy at UD today. Jim Martin was nice enough to let me stay at his nice new house in Dallas and buy me dinner and a few drinks "So I got that going for me...."

Mary Ann Buddenberg graduated in May 2000 with a Ph.D. in English Literature from the Catholic University of America. Her dissertation was entitled "As erst in Eden": Robert Browning and the Question of Origin and Growth of Language in Victorian England, 1861-1889. On July 15, 2000 she was married to Robert Paul Miller. They honeymooned in Italy and are now living in Auburn, AL where she is a full-time instructor of English at Auburn University.

Michele Bregande and Greg Roper recently moved back to the Dallas area (Coppell) where Greg has been hired as Associate Professor of English in the U.D. English Department. Currently, Michele is a stay-home mommy for their 2-year old son, Gabriel. All are thrilled to return to U.D. after life in the public university system, and doubly thrilled to be getting back in touch with all the U.D. friends in the area.

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