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Chris Kisling is still trying to figure what he wants to do if/when he decides to grow up. In the meantime, he is living in Baton Rouge (at least he was as Hurricane Lili was approaching--maybe not after tomorrow) and managing Business Development at Innovative Emergency Management, Inc., which (ironically enough) specializes in disaster and homeland security planning. He occasionally bumps into Jamie Pettigrew in New Orleans and agrees that the magic definitely outweighs the danger. Maynard, the spastic handicapped pit bull he found in a garbage dumpster in Dallas the year after graduation is still limping along, but just barely.

From Jon Shelburne: I am now working as a Visiting Associate Prof at the Roger Williams University Ralph Pappito School of Law.

From George Behringer: I became engaged on June 18 when I asked my longtime girlfriend to marry me. No details as yet since we're trying to meet the need of two families in NY and TX. My fiance's name is Amy Ryan and she's 29. She is a student at UH and wants to teach drama and english.

Roger de Brantes is now living in Prague (Czech Republic). He has 2 children, Rose-Aymone (1997) and Roger-François (1999).

When I asked Mike Novinski whether he struggled with behavior problems as a high school teacher, he responded: Behavior problems? What behavior problems? Being a high school teacher is simply penance for behavior that you exhibited as an undergraduate in college.

From Mike Novinski: We're doing pretty well here in Columbia, MS. Lisa is a field biologist for Nature Conservancy at Camp Shelby and I am teaching US Government, Economics, Sociology and Law Related Education for Columbia High. The summer progresses.

From Duane Hebert and Theresa (Chatty Guerra) Hebert. Something about that family tradition: Daughter Catherine Hebert, born in time to get Chatty out of a Sister Clo final back in 1983, will be attending UD starting in fall, 2002. Considering her parents and four of her aunts and uncles attended, it seemed like the thing to do. That and warmer weather than Minnesota were the deciding factors. Something about getting away from her parents too..........but you can't believe everything you hear.

From Jamie Pettigrew: I recently marked 15 years as an agent with American Airlines. It's not rocket science, but it's familiar(after 15 years it should be) and I love my co-workers(well, some of them). On the first weekend of May, I celebrated 10 years of living in New Orleans. Yes, I know it's dangerous, but the magic outweighs the danger.

Thanks to all who sent URLs of news stories and other assurances that UD's Don Rooney, '83 is not the priest who recently committed suicide. As Chris Kisling put it: "Different Don Rooney. Glad for us, sorry for him."

Michele Bregande and Greg Roper have a new addition to their family. Benjamin Jude was born in April.

From Diane Gawedzinski: Robert Gawedzinski teaches Advanced Placement (AP) senior level English at Duncanville High School (Duncanville, Texas), coaches the Academic Decathlon team (four Regionals titles in a row), and is chairman of the English Department. We married in 1998 and have two children: John, age 11 (Diane's son from a previous marriage, whom Rob adopted); and David, age 3. We live in Duncanville, attend Holy Spirit, and spend lots of time gardening and playing with our kids. Rob is a great husband, father, and teacher!

Julie (Hosinski) Bregande announced the birth of David Matthew Bregande on August 21, 2001. He is our third child so he gets skipped over quite frequently. David has two big brothers....Michael 8 and Stephen 6.

From Rosemarie (Tribus) Lawson: One of the fringe benefits of staying nearby is Groundhog -- can't say I hung on for the scenery ;-) Andrea's a Junior at Lewisville High School. She just took the competative exam in October (1st part) at the overnight event and has gone from "No way am I going, you both went there" to "If they give me money I might go" to "Wow, that's a lot of money!" It makes the likelyhood of a 2nd generation UDer in the family very possible! I've promised we'll stay out of her hair (even w/ Michael having started at Cistercian this year) -- except for Groundhog and mini-Groundhog. They're both little brainiacs, but SOoooooo different!

Susan Metzger Gracia had a had a baby girl on Jan. 7, 2002. Her name is Caroline. Mother and baby are both doing well.

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