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Jim Martin reports that 6 of the former members of SPECTRE (Jim, Shelburne, Scott Barker, Sam Cohen, Mike Wehrle, and Joe Quinn - well JQ for about 15 minutes) played some other '83 and '93 alums in softball at the new softball complex on campus, and we are happy to report that we REMAIN undefeated! Because of a lack of players, we had to modify the rules a little bit, with each team pitching and catching for themselves, but all in all it was a stirring victory, and one to add to the record books. Hopefully when we have our 20-Year Reunion in 2005 we can get a greater number of players back to campus to kick some more butt!

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From Monsignor Milam Joseph: Having served as President of the University of Dallas since January 1996, and with the pending completion of the SACS review in the spring of 2004, I have decided to retire, effective May 31, 2004. This decision was communicated to the Board of Trustees at their regular meeting this morning, October 9, 2003.
I will actively continue my duties as President until May 31, 2004. In the meantime, the Board of Trustees will convene a search committee to find my successor.

From Bill Cernosek: Everyone in the family is doing well. Will (age 10) has started his fall baseball season (because you can play baseball until Mid November in Texas) So far he has made two pitching appearances 2 IP 5K 3BB 1ER.
Austin (age 6) is taking tennis lessons and is taking delight in reading "Captain Underpants". - Gernon, if you have not read the Captain Underpants series, you must - if only to see that the bathroom humor and the inside jokes that you are good at could be published for real, in a place other than the Tennant. The one he is reading now is "Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman." - Need I say more?!?!
My baby girl, Allie, who is 3, is busy with gymnastics and driving Daddy crazy with her "shake your booty" dancing, fixing her hair and nails (mostly without appropriate supervision and authorization), and changing cloths 6 times a day. She says she wants to play soccer and her team with be called the Barbies and they will wear pink. EVERYTHING is pink. She is having grandma make here a cheerleader outfit so she can be a cheerleader as well.
I changed jobs this past June and now am a Manager at Deloitte & Touche doing healthcare benefit reviews and cost reduction projects.

From Kathy Silvani: Currently, I am living in Scottsdale, Arizona and living a very fast paced life in the hospitality industry. I'm an Assistant Banquet Manager at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona a flagship Luxury Resort for Starwood Hotels. When I am not working 70 hours a week, I spend time with my husband David and we travel whenever there is an opportunity. I was finally able to return to Rome and Florence in April 2001. The trip was an April's Fool's joke for David who thought we were spending a weekend in Sedona. It turned out to be a 2 week excursion in Italy, David's first! I was too happy to be his personal tour guide. To everyone I have not kept in touch, a huge hello from me! To those I did not know very well, I hope to know all of you better and to see you at the 20th Reunion. It is just around the corner!

From Mary LeMire West: I can't believe that I didn't write proudly about landing my first job out of academia! Since our son, Cory, turned 1 in 2001 I have been working for a small but large minded biotech company called OdysseyThera. I really enjoy working at the faster pace and with the ever changing priorities of a small company and I feel also that I make a substantial impact (mostly for the good!) The technology that we are developing is to help drug companies pick drug targets more intelligently for diseases where the cell signaling pathway is pretty well worked out. We'll see what happens to the company, I will certainly enjoy the opportunity to work there! I've lucked out that the company is a short distance away from our home in the San Francisco Bay Area and so I can still go with Lauren (7) to soccer practices, play piano (and percussive instruments!) with Cory after work and keep in pretty good correspondence with Todd, who has his hands full in strategizing at Sandia National Laboratories to help prepare the US for a serious biological terrorism attack. This spring I had the thrill of coming back to UD for a short visit and I caught Dr. Olenick in as well as Dean ("Interim", Congrats!) Frank Doe, my brother Dave LeMire, and even had a few beers with John Norris at a Patio party for seniors-Jim O'Hare your nephew made me do a double-take! It was definitely a rush of nostalgia...

From Greg Kloehn: I am living in Canton, Ohio and have been practicing cardiology for the past 3 years. I am mostly involved with coronary angioplasty/stenting procedures. Dr. Eaker's P-Chem class is finally paying off! The new Sirolimus drug coated stents are much more safely deployed with that background.

We were saddened to learn that Marcia Bergkamp Costello, class of 1987, lost her long and courageous battle with cancer Monday, August 11, 2003 at the age of 38. Marcia earned degrees in Education and Physics at UD. She taught Physics in Carrollton, TX, then moved to Wichita and taught at Wichita Collegiate and East High School. She married Tom Costello in 1993. Marcia stayed at home to raise their three children, Elizabeth, Lauren, and Michael. She was very active in the Church and hobbies included scrapbooking and gardening.

From David Erinakes: New Job: VP of Sales (I have to move to Wisconsin, YIKES!!!)

From Mike Novinski: Lisa and I are going to China to get Mica Jane Pei Xuan Yager Novinski in about eight weeks!

From Michele Bregande Roper: We have now moved to Italy! Come and see us in the beautiful Castelli Romani outside of Rome.

From Bridget Grover Echerd: I just noticed an article on Mary Lovera's family's store. It is in the current (May) issue of Southern Living magazine on p.50. If you don't subscribe to Southern Living you can get it at most grocery or book stores. Or you can order it through me! I am a Founding Consultant/Director for Southern Living at Home. It is a new division of the company that publishes Southern Living magazine. We offer beautiful decorative products for the home, pottery, gift items, cookbooks, bake ware, SL subscriptions and more. Have a look at If you or someone you know is looking for a way to make extra money with all the benefits of a home based business contact me. This is a great opportunity for anyone in any part of the country. Work as little or as much as you want!

From Sybil Novinski: Have seen both Mike Wehrle and Mike Terranova recently and regularly see the Lawsons since they have one at Cistercian where son Greg teaches; Lyle just gave a lecture for Terranova who is head of grad student association at UT-Arlington school of architecture. UD students are never done with school!

From Nadine King-Mays: I currently practice law in Dallas. Life moves so fast that I haven't kept up with people like I should. But I know that Caryn Voskuil lives in Dallas and is an adjunct professor at the Art Institute.

From Rose Trybus Lawson: Andrea graduates in May (Lewisville High School) and will attend UD next Fall. Seems like it was only yesterday (o.k. a couple years ago - BUT just a couple) that we were there. How did it all go so fast! Work is always an interesting experience (every day!) I'm an aide in Special Ed (1st & 2nd) and it's never a dull moment, even the ones that make you laugh 'cause the only other option is crying. It helps that the teacher is a true joy to be with -- very positive and upbeat.

From Michele Bregande Roper: We wanted to let you know that we are excited about being off to the Rome campus in July! Greg will be teaching and I will be enjoying the simple life with my little boys. Of course we will be thrilled to spend time in Rome and around the country. We feel so unbelievably privileged. This is a grand 40th birthday gift to the both of us!

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