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From Rosemarie (Trybus) Lawson: Andrea's in her 2nd year at UD. She moved to Catherine (the upstairs quad). Cracked me up: after a year @ UD she didn't even know which dorm Catherine was when we went to move her in (she was in Jerome all last year)! Different end of the world for her. Rome had to be put off due to shoulder surgery (3rd on on the right shoulder). Keep her in your prayers for a complete recovery and that she makes it this Spring. I know Fall is best (o.k. half of you are totally disagreeing with me on that), but Sophomore year is optimal. Shes' got great grades and no write ups - except for one balcony sitting (who didn't do that !) but she's somewhere around #30 on the wait list due to waiting 'til post surgery to decide.
Michael's in 8th grade at Cistercian. Loves football, scouts, math, and writing. His grades are phenomenal. I don't remember EVER feeling like 8th grade was just going to be a blast, but he does. I couldn't be happier for him. He's in great hands.

From George Behringer: Just a few personal notes. I married Amy Ryan my girlfriend for the past eleven years on May 18. This Friday September 3, we welcomed or first born and her sister in the morning. Mary Elizabeth and her twin sister Sarah Madeleine are doing well after spending the weekend in the ICU. Mommy is doing well also and I expect the family to come home tonight (September 7)

From Jon Shelburne: I was activated by the Marine Corps in April and have been in Baghdad since June working with the Multi-National Corps - Iraq. I have attached a photo of a couple of the Marines on the staff.

Michele Bregande Roper, Dr. Greg Roper, and sons Gabriel (age 6) and Benjamin (age 2) are beginning their second year living on the U.D. Rome Campus. Gabriel will be heading off to homeschool on the front patio of the Villa, and the whole family is thrilled that the Fall Romers of the Class of 2007 have arrived! We can't wait to start our second year of paradise, and hope to see many more alum take advantage of the lovely guest suites on campus. This campus is fantastic for kids of all ages, and hope everyone will look into trying to attend the big Rome Reunion next summer!

From Kim Albright Rogers: I thought I'd let everyone know that my family has just returned from our 4th biennial Nevus Outreach Inc conference in Columbus Ohio. We had the largest attendance ever and are slowly building our resources so that we can bring greater national attention to this disease. My son Matthew was born with a giant congenital hairy nevus and we have been extremely glad to have found this group of parents and others who have had their lives touched by this birth defect.
Your help is appreciated in spreading the word about a partnership that we've joined into with For every dollar you spend on Amazon (by accessing them through this link, they will contribute 5% to the Nevus Outreach. These donations will be used for research and working to get the word out internationally about this rare disorder. It's really gratifying to see how much these conferences mean to Matthew, to see him be with other kids just like him and not be teased or picked on for looking differently than others. They are also a great support system for Dean, Kimberlynn and me when we can share our concerns and feelings with others who are in the same boat.
Thanks for your help, your donations, and most especially your prayers! I'm really glad to be part of the UD family- especially at times like these!

From Mrs. Novinski: Don't know whether Michael has had a chance to bring you up-to-date on their newest addition. In early October (or late September) they traveled to China to get their beautiful--really charming--one year old daughter Mica Pei Xuan Yager Novinski. We visited for a great weekend before Christmas and obviously she has become the center of their life and that of her grandparents, Lisa's folks--they all live on the same 200 acre farm--two separate houses, of course. Michael was named Teacher of the Year at Columbia High School in Miss; teaches Advanced Placement Government, US Government, Economics, Street Law, and Sociology, History, and has become the school computer guru, I gather. Lisa is a Field Biologist as you reported and becoming more important in the "Endangered Species" field. She just did a conference, Camp Shelby.

Mike Novinski is looking forward to the 2005 reunion. If you have suggestions, it is not too early to start planning, please e-mail him:

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