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From Mary Ann Buddenburg Miller: 2006 was a year of extremes for me--of great joy and great sorrow. April brought the birth of our wonderful daughter Caroline Grace--one month after I was promoted to Associate Professor of English at Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ. June brought the death of my father--while he was still in NJ after Caroline's christening. I miss my classmates very much and wish everyone well. Thank you for having such a tremendous and continued influence upon my life and faith. God bless.

From Eric Gray: My new job will be going back to my original profession: teaching. I'll be teaching 8th grade Math at Hutcheson Junior High in Arlington, Texas. Actually, I already am, as I taught summer school there all during the month of June. After 19 years of working for the Diocese of Fort Worth in different capacities, I'm now going public! What a concept!

From Laura Gricius-West: I did some traveling with Mark right after reunion. I visited my dad in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. Coolest part? Playing tennis with my half-sister and getting to know her. And Mark got to meet some of my family/friends while there. Then the next week we went to Florida so he could visit an ailing aunt. We got in some serious beach time. And then it was off to Illinois to visit mom for the Christmas break. Very relaxing time. And I got to spend time with Jake Daab, if you remember him from freshman year. And John Richards came to town (to visit his brother), but we had time to play catch-up from reunion over a nice dinner. So that was cool.

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