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Posted in 2008

Mike Novinski's mom Sybil has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Last week she underwent emergency surgery related to complications from her chemotherapy. Please keep her in your prayers. If you would like to send cards, email Jennifer Muzyka to get the address.

James Wiley passed away recently. You can read Jim's obituary from the Waco Tribune.

Scott Barker tracked down Brad Toben, dean of the Baylor Law School and a good friend of Jim Wiley's. Jim was found at home by colleagues two or three days after he had died. His dog, Argus, was guarding his body and would not let anyone approach. Animal Control had to be summoned with the collar tool to corral him. Argus has been adopted by Brad and his wife. Here is some of what Brad wrote to Scott:

From Michele Bregande: Just want to let you know that the Roper Family is living back on the Rome campus, having arrived two days ago. We will be here the next two years. Greg is already teaching his summer Shakespeare programs, and my boys are remembering how wonderful it is to live here. I am busily settling us into our apartment. We'll keep in touch and are happy to share our family newsletter with anyone interested (once we actually get it set up)!

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