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Daniel Kirchner
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Daniel Kirchner came to Centre in 2009 as a Visiting Lecturer of Philosophy and began as Assistant Professor of Philosophy in 2010. Prior to completing his PhD in Philosophy at Indiana University in 2010, he studied International Relations and German as an undergraduate at the Johns Hopkins University and received a Masters of Theological Studies at Harvard University. Kirchner specializes in ethics and 19th century philosophy–Hegel's use of ancient views of the self in his ethics in particular. He teaches a range of courses including Humanities courses, Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Ethical Theory, 19th Century Philosophy, and the Ethics of Food. Kirchner recently published a paper entitled "Augustine's Use of Epicureanism: Three Paradigmatic Problems for a Theory of Friendship in the Confessions" in International Philosophical Quarterly.  Dr. Kirchner was awarded a Stoghill Research Professorship for the Fall 2013 term to research a book manuscript entitled Eat Your Values: The Ethics of Food.

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Contact:  Philosophy Program, Centre College, Danville, KY 40422