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Division of Humanities

No major or minor is currently offered in this language.

Japanese Courses

JPN 110 Fundamentals of Japanese-I (four credit hours)
An introduction to the Japanese language with an emphasis on the development of speaking skills. Students focus on developing basic conversational skills but also learn the syllabaries and basic ideographs necessary to read a few simple texts.

JPN 120 Fundamentals of Japanese-II (four credit hours)
A course designed to increase the speaking and reading skills of students who have had an introductory Japanese course. Students focus on improving their conversational skills but also further cultivate their ability to read fairy tales and other simple texts. Prerequisite: JPN 11 or permission of the instructor. (May fulfill basic skills in foreign language upon petition to the Academic Standards Committee.)

Special Topics Offered 1998-2001

JPN 25 Development of the Japanese Mind
Japanese philosophy is the result of mixing four original identifiable philosophical positions. Of the four, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism were foreign while Shintoism originated in Japan. By studying the introduction of the imported ideas and their merger with Shintoism, the course examines the formation of ideas that are particularly Japanese, why they are Japanese, and how this is observable today. (Conducted in Japan.)