Course Offerings | Health and Human Performance

Ray Hammond (chair), Andrew Frye, Lisa Hockersmith, Kelly Kiernan, Herbert McGuire, Gina Nicoletti

The Health and Human Performance Program is designed to engage all students in physical activities that maintain and improve students’ health, develop practical athletic skills, and foster an appreciation of the importance of physical activities as sources of enjoyment and physical well-being to the student during college years and later in life.

The department offers an instructional health and human performance program, intramural athletics, intercollegiate athletics, and facilities for recreational activities.

Two HHP courses are required of all students: HHP 101 Personal Safetyand HHP 102 Wellness: A Way of Life. Additional activity classes are offered according to the interests of students and instructors.

Health and Human Performance Courses

HHP 101 Personal Safety

A course designed to prepare students to cope with emergency or life-threatening situations. Topics include street crime, campus safety, acquaintance rape and abuse, fire, automobile and water safety, first aid, CPR, and disaster services. This course should be taken during the first term of enrollment at the College.

HHP 102 Wellness: A Way of Life (one credit hour)
A course designed to acquaint the student with elements that are important to lifelong good health. Emphasis is placed on the importance of cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, nutrition, stress, and health risk management, and other contemporary health issues. The course is comprised of standard classroom activities (~75%) and fitness assessments/physical activity (~25%). This course should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Note: All health and human performance courses with the exception of HHP 102 are graded on a Pass-Unsatisfactory basis and do not carry academic credit; course titles and grades are reported on the transcript. A grade of "U" in a health and human performance class will affect the student’s grade point average; it carries the weight of one credit hour. HHP 102 carries one hour of academic credit and is letter graded. Students are subject to normal registration and add/drop procedures and deadlines with regard to health and human performance classes.