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Keith Dunn (chair), Anne Lubbers, Preston Miles, Paul Sikkel, Rob Ziemba

Courses offered under the Natural Science (NSC) heading do not fit into any of the other major programs in the sciences at Centre.  Some of these courses may be used to fulfill the general education science requirements for students who do not intend to major in a science.

The course sequence NSC 110 and 120 may be taken to fulfill the two-course general education science requirement and is aimed at students who do not intend to major in a science.  NSC 110 and 120 take an integrated approach to the broad themes of cosmological and biological evolution using a generally chronological framework.  Either course may be taken first but both must be completed to fulfill the general education science requirement.

NSC 140, Environmental Geology, may be taken to satisfy the physical science portion of the general education science requirement.  The student would also need to take a life science laboratory course (BIO 110 or PSY 110) to complete the general education science requirement.

Students considering a major in science are encouraged to choose from our traditional disciplinary courses (BIO 110, CHE 131 or CHE 135, PHY 110, PSY 110) to satisfy their general education requirements.

Other elective courses may be offered in this program from time to time.

Natural Science Courses

NSC 110, 120 Natural Science-I, II (four credit hours)
An introductory survey of science with emphasis upon how scientific understandings have developed and the bases upon which current explanations depend. The course presents a science-based world view that traces the continuity of natural processes in cosmology and in the physical and biological evolution of our planet. Topics include motion, astronomy, energy, the structure of matter, the origin of the world, evolution, biological diversity of life, regulation of life, and the human position in the world. Laboratory work is required. Prerequisite: basic skills in math. NSC 110 is not a prerequisite for NSC 120.

NSC 140 Environmental Geology (4 credit hours)
A consideration of the interaction of humans and the earth's geological processes. The class explores the earth processes that most dramatically affect society, the effects of humans on earth processes, and methods for living on our planet in a sustainable fashion. Laboratory work is required.

NSC 250 Physical Science of Volcanoes
A study of the physical science of volcanoes, including types of volcanoes, types of eruptions, volcanic hazards and benefits, environmental effects, and historically significant eruptions. Other geothermal phenomena such as hot springs and geysers are studied. The course includes traditional lectures and field work. Conducted in New Zealand.


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