Welcome to the Online Catalog - Catalog 2010-11

John Roush                                     John Roush, Centre President

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Welcome to the 178th edition of the Centre College catalog. Founded in 1819, Centre is steeped in tradition, yet always looking to the future. In that spirit, I'd like to direct my comments to the prospective students—the Centre students of the future—reading this welcome.

Centre's personal education enables students to excel as undergraduates and to achieve extraordinary success in advanced study, careers, and life.

Centre's habit of success has not gone unnoticed by commentators on American higher education. And while I'm the first to point out that individual rankings can be misleading, they have substance when considered collectively. Forbes magazine, for example, recently named Centre the best among all colleges and universities in the South, and also named Centre No. 14 among all U.S. colleges and universities. Consumer's Digest continues to rank Centre the No. 1 educational value in the nation, and U.S. News consistently ranks Centre among the top-50 schools in the nation. (Centre is the only Kentucky institution in this U.S. News top-50 ranking.)

The catalog will introduce you to some of the many opportunities Centre offers. But publications, whether online or on paper, can't convey an adequate picture of a place that might be your home for the next four years. After looking through the catalog, I hope you'll come to campus for a visit.

What will you find when you come to see us in person? I believe you'll find that Centre is a place where you can:

• Make the most of your particular interests and abilities. All Centre students may choose from a variety of options, including international study, internships, completing two majors or a self-designed major in four years, collaborative research, and comprehensive graduate school preparation and advising. Your custom educational experience will position you to achieve your life's goals. The Centre Commitment guarantees that you'll graduate in four years.

• Obtain a first-rate education for an affordable price. A top-50 national liberal arts college, Centre is recognized by Forbes magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Consumers Digest, The Princeton Review , and The Fiske Guide to Colleges , among many others, as one of America's best educational bargains.

• Become immersed in a rich and varied environment. Centre is a total experience that enhances great teaching with a diverse array of out-of-class activities (including leadership opportunities, service projects, guest lectures, athletics, arts groups, clubs, and societies) that add enormously to your education.

• Expect the extraordinary on a regular basis. Internationally known artists (Mikhail Baryshnikov, Wynton Marsalis, Willie Nelson) perform at our world-class Norton Center for the Arts. Film and television legend Jerry Bruckheimer and his wife, novelist and preservationist Linda Bruckheimer, both spoke at commencement in 2009. Astronaut Leland Melvin gave the 2008 commencement address just three months after he flew his first mission to the International Space Station. In 2000 we held the only Vice Presidential Debate of the year. Our students regularly win the nation's most prestigious awards for undergraduates (Goldwater, Truman) and post-graduates (Rhodes, Rotary, Fulbright).

• Create lifelong relationships. You'll form close friendships with your fellow students and your teachers, and you will gain membership in one of America's most active and loyal alumni bodies. The Centre connection is one that lasts for life, including our lifetime guarantee of vocational support. Our Career Services Office is available to help graduates whenever they need assistance in reaching professional goals.

This sketch gives you a general impression of Centre, but will, I'm sure, suggest other questions about the College. One question prospective students frequently ask is “Will I be happy at Centre?”

While no one can answer this with certainty, I can report that Centre students are extremely positive about their challenging and rewarding experience here. In fact, once they become alumni they express their gratitude to the College by contributing annual financial support at a rate greater than that of any other college or university. Legendary as “America's most loyal alumni,” Centre graduates are living proof of the transforming educational experience I have outlined here.

I hope you enjoy exploring the academic offerings described in our online catalog and that you'll take some time to check out the rest of the Centre Web site. I also hope you'll accept my invitation to come to campus for a closer look at a place that provides students with a personal education that enables them to achieve extraordinary success.


John Roush