Course Offerings - Catalog 2012-13

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European Studies

Interdisciplinary Program

Students can minor (but not major) in European studies at Centre College. The European studies minor is region-specific, interdisciplinary (inviting participation from across the three divisions), and requires students to study, in depth, both the parts as well as the whole of Europe. Students think about questions of nationhood and identity, learn at least two languages spoken in the region, and study how modern European societies, cultures and institutions have developed (independently and collectively) since the early stages of World War II. Ideally students will live a full term Strasbourg, the European capital located on the border of two nation-states. While Centre College’s curriculum encourages the study of various aspects of European civilization, the European Studies minor will provide the opportunity to examine the European Union in a critical manner.


Mary Daniels (chair), Allison Connolly, Alex McAllister, Christopher Paskewich

Requirements for the Minor

EUR 300;
HIS 310 Europe from Hitler to the Present or GOV 340 European Politics;
One course numbered higher than 220 in French or German or Spanish;
An additional course at any level from a second modern language;
Participation in the Centre-in-Strasbourg program, including GOV 461 The Construction of Europe, or approval from the program committee to study European identities in another European country as part of a study abroad course;
One elective chosen from the following list (in addition to courses fulfilling requirements above):
Elective Courses (cannot be used to fulfill other requirements of the minor):
ARH 261 Survey of Western Art-II
ARH 370 Northern European Art: 4th-16th Centuries
ARH 381 Arts and Markets: Economic Histories of the Arts
DRA 134 Foundations of Dramatic Literature-II
FRE 251/350 Contemporary French Culture
FRE 412 French for International Relations
GER 325 German Film
GER 340 Vaterland und Muttersprache
GER 370 Issues in Contemporary German Culture
GOV 340 European Politics
HIS 309 Europe in the Age of Hitler
HIS 310 Europe from Hitler to the Present
PHI 380 20th Century Continental Philosophy
REL 350 The Holocaust
SPA 260 Spanish Culture
SPA 280 Language and Culture of Catalunya
1. Upon program committee approval, additional courses may be added to the list of courses fulfilling minor requirements.
2. Several courses listed above are not offered regularly or are offered only once every two or three years. Students interested in the minor are encouraged to consult with a program committee member early on to plan their preparation for the minor and to discuss course offering schedules.

European Studies Course

EUR 300 Introduction to European Studies
In this interdisciplinary course, students gain greater insight into the major social, political, technological, ideological, cultural, and artistic factors that have shaped Modern Europe. Taking the conclusion of World War II as our departure point, the course focuses on the key moments of social, cultural, and political importance over the last seven decades. Rather than concentrate on individual nations, this course involves a more holistic exploration of transatlantic relations by treating a number of overarching themes common to all.