Course Offerings - Catalog 2012-13

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Global Commerce

Interdisciplinary Program

Students can minor (but not major) in Global Commerce at Centre College. Global Commerce is an interdisciplinary program based in the liberal arts that seeks to prepare students for life in a global society and to equip them with essential tools for success in for-profit and non-profit organizations whose activities are transboundary in scope. Drawing on appropriate preparation in at least one foreign language, students in the program will acquire a grounding in global politics, history and culture, as well as in the essential institutions, concepts, and practices of global economic and commercial activity.


Marie Petkus (chair), Steven Beaudoin, Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, Brian Storz

Requirements for the Minor

GLC 210;
HIS 388;
ECO 110, 260, and one of the following: 360, 420, or 460;
GOV 260 or 370 or 371;
One course beyond the 220-level of a modern foreign language, or one course beyond the 210-level plus study or internship in a non-English-speaking environment;
Long-term study abroad, or a globally-themed internship and study abroad during a short term.

Global Commerce Course

GLC 210 Introduction to Global Commerce
This course introduces students to the many aspects that influence global commerce.  By analyzing the global exchange of specific goods and services, students identify common political and cultural, as well as economic, themes that influence trade.  Students also examine concepts such as sustainability and ethics and their role in shaping future developments and patterns of global commerce. Prerequisite: ECO 110