Course Offerings - Catalog 2012-13

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Latin American Studies

Interdisciplinary Program

Students can minor (but not major) in Latin American Studies at Centre College. Latin American Studies at Centre is an interdisciplinary academic program that aims to impart to students knowledge of the region of Latin America, including Latin American history, society, politics, and cultures. In the Latin American Studies curriculum, students will gain an understanding of Latin American and Latino/a perspectives and analyze Latin American issues from multiple points of view. As part of the Latin American Studies curriculum, students will develop linguistic and cultural fluency, engage with Latin American and Latino/a scholarship and communities, and draw connections among the methodologies and perspectives of multiple disciplines.


Genny Ballard (chair), Richard Axtell, Eva Cadavid, Robyn Cutright, Mary Daniels, Stephen Dove, Phyllis Passariello, Nuria Sabaté-Llobera

Requirements for the Minor

LAS 210 or SPA 270;
Five additional courses selected from the list below;
SPA 220 or equivalent;
A capstone experience (a project consisting of one of the following, subject to approval by the LAS committee: an internship, an independent study, or a Latin American focus in the junior or senior project of the major) with a product presented at the anuual RICE symposium or other venue for student presentations and at a yearly Latin American Studies Senior Workshop. This capstone need not be a separate course. It may be fulfilled by courses in the student’s major provided the course is not used to fulfill the five-course requirement above.

In addition to the above requirements, study abroad (semester, summer, or CentreTerm) in a Latin American or Caribbean country is strongly recommended.

1. Upon program committee approval, additional courses may be added to the list of courses fulfilling minor requirements.
2. Some of the courses listed below have prerequisites, and several courses are not offered regularly or are offered only once every two or three years. Students interested in the minor are encouraged to consult with a program committee member early on to plan their preparation for the minor and to discuss course offering schedules.

Latin American Studies Course

LAS 210 Introduction to Latin American Studies
This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to Latin American Studies. It is organized chronologically and thematically, and considers three different periods: Pre-conquest societies; Colonial period through 1870; Modern Latin America. For each chronological period, the course explores key themes including: economic development, political and social organization, religion, migration and Diaspora, art, music, and literature, local and global relationships, and identity formation.

Other Courses Fulfilling Minor Course Requirements

ANT 385 Inkas, Aztecs, and Maya
ANT 393 The Maya
ANT 451 Ancient Maya Culture
ANT 456 Pyramids and Politics: Exploring Peru's Prehispanic Past
EDU 250 Costa Rica: Language Immersion and rural Education
ENS 251 Human Ecology in the Yucatan
GOV 341 Latin American Politics  
HIS 372 Race and Gender in Latin America
HIS 373 Colonial Latin America
REL 347 Liberation Theologies
REL 457 Civil Society and Sustainable Development
SPA 356 Literatura Mexicana y Yucateca
SPA 357 Nueva concepción de frontera e identidad: U.S. Latino/a Literature
SPA 360 20th-Century Spanish American Literature
SPA 370 Spanish American Literature before 1910
SPA 380 The Contemporary Novel in Latin America
SPA 457 Nicaragua After the Revolution
SPA 462 Bodies and Space in Argentine Culture