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Christine Shannon

Margaret V. Haggin Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science

Emeritus House

Office phone number: 859 238-5406

I retired in May, 2016 after teaching at Centre for 27 years and at Georgetown College for 17. I taught both mathematics and computer science courses and in any given semester I was probably teaching in both fields.

Although my dissertation in mathematics was very theoretical, dealing with the space of continuous functions, C(X), my interests are in the applications of mathematics. Computer science gives me ample opportunity to apply my knowledge of mathematics to very interesting problems.

I am a strong advocate for interdisciplinary learning. Some of my summer research projects with students have involved creating an evolutionary algorithm for assigning first year students to the Centre term seminars, writing programs to be used in studying attention deficit for the Behaviorial Neuralscience Department. attempting to create a computational model of the life cyle of the bloater population in the Great Lakes, and using NetLogo to look at the economic effects of India's sacred cows. In my last year I worked with a student, Qinpu He, as she completed a John C. Young project in brain-machine interfaces (BMI). In a recent publication I tried to make a strong case for the importance of computer science in a liberal arts institution like Centre. In the twenty first century almost all students can benefit from at least one or two solid computer science courses and certainly computer science majors have a great deal to gain from pursuing their major in a liberal arts setting.

In mathematics, I regularly taught courses at all levels of calculus, linear algebra and real analysis. In computer science, I usually taught the introductory programming course, data structures, artificial intelligence, and more recently the database course. I have also taught the design of algorithms and compiler construction.

My goal in retirement is to continue my interest in providing greater access to women and minorities to STEM fields and particularly computer science skills. I am teaching free courses at the public library for middle and high school students and I am eager to work on projects to provide provide greater access for all students in the public schools.