CHE 332:  Inorganic Chemistry

Course Description:

A study of the chemistry of inorganic compounds,including the principles of covalent and ionic bonding, symmetry, periodic properties, metallic bonding, acid-base theories, coordination chemistry, inorganic reaction mechanisms, and selected topics in descriptive inorganic chemistry.  Laboratory work is required.  4 hours credit.

Prerequisites:  CHE 341and CHE 361

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Some Useful Links to the World-Wide Web


   ACD/ChemSketch:  Software for drawing molecular structures

    Atomic Structure

    Grand Orbital Table (David Manthey):  Really cool pictures of orbitals

    Hydrogenlike Orbitals (J. Holler, U. of Kentucky)

    Hydrogenic Atom Wavefunction Plotter:(Davidson College) plots wave functions

    Hydrogen Atom Orbital Viewer (

   Molecular Structure

    VSEPR Help Page (Purdue)

    Interactive VSEPR Tutorial (Oxford)


    Point Groups (U. of Maine)

    References on Symmetry Point Groups (Otterbein College):  many useful links

    Molecular Orbital Theory

    Atomic and Molecular Orbitals (

    Molecular Orbital Theory (SparkNotes)

    Solid State:  Crystal Lattices

    Crystal Lattice Structures (Naval Research Laboratory)

    Coordination Chemistry

    Structure and Isomerism of Coordination Compounds (Purdue):  Requires Chemscape Chime

    The Organometallic HyperTextBook (Dr. Rob Toreki):  Many Useful Subjects, for example:

    Coordination Numbers

    Electron Counting and the 18-Electron Rule

    Chemical Abstracts

    STN Easy:  Search the Chemical Abstracts database.  Get your password from the reference librarians.

    Using CAS Databases on STN:  Guidelines for carrying out a literature search.

    Other Databases

    NIST Chemistry WebBook:  Database with a wealth of information, especially thermodynamic data.

    Miscellaneous Links

    VIPEr (Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource):  Lots of useful information related to inorganic chemistry

    Scientific Writing

    Inorganic Chemistry:  many useful links here (from

    WebElements Periodic Table

    Visual Elements Periodic Table

   Concise Chemistry web site:  portal with a variety of information

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